Facing Your Fear of Rejection

The fear of rejection is a powerful feeling that can obstruct our personal development journey by keeping us from stepping outside of our comfort zones to learn and experience something new.  Rejection in public can be an especially terrifying thought that can keep you from speaking up for yourself and your ideas. It can also keep you from pursuing relationships and work opportunities. Many of us have a conflict between wanting to conquer the world and our fear of failure and rejection.

The best way to overcome fear is to create it, and to put ourselves in situations where rejection is going to happen. This is much easier said than done, but I came across a Tedx talk that I feel breaks down this concept to feel more doable on your own level. In his video, “What I learned from 100 days of rejection”, Jia Jiang talks about creating a situation where he is experiencing rejection over and over again in order to desensitize himself from the pain associated with it. The more he experienced rejection, the better he got at understanding how to structure his requests in a way that would more likely get a “yes” answer, as well as learning the importance of following up a “no” with questions to understand why.

Rejection is a necessary part of social change. Unfortunately, rejection in some form is inevitable, but it is not about the rejection that will change and define you. It is about what you do next. You can fear rejection and avoid it at all costs, or you can embrace rejection and turn it into opportunity. Check out Jia Jiang’s blog HERE, where he video documented each day of his journey of rejection. It’s actually pretty hilarious! Jia got his idea by finding www.rejectiontherapy.com, which encourages you to seek out 30 days of rejection. Anyone willing to try it out? I encourage you to seek out one thing today that you can do which will lead to rejection. Try again tomorrow and the next day and document how it felt. Did it get easier? Share your own experiences in the comments!

Branding a Healthy Lifestyle in Reno: RAWBRY

Getting healthy is something everyone has on their mind at some point, if not all the time, and now businesses are popping up everywhere that help make a healthy lifestyle more convenient, more attainable, and more desirable. Some businesses are getting it right when it comes to their branding and customer relations aspect of healthy living by creating a culture where you are not a one-time shopper, but become a part of their lifestyle and community. This creates a whole experience for customers and allows them to be part of a group that values a healthy lifestyle.

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I had the chance to talk with Brianna Bullentini, who is the founder of RAWBRY and a Reno native.  Located in the Basement in Reno, RAWBRY (Raw + Robbery = RAWBRY) is a cold-pressed juice bar aimed at helping you “steal” back your health and change your lifestyle. When you visit their bar, you will see a variety of juices, shots, smoothies and waters all crafted with a remedy, a reason, and a clever name.   Their business values are inspiring and their successful branding strategy along with the experience they create for their customers is what sets them apart from your typical juice bar.

Getting Started:

Brianna was working as a designer for a firm in New York looking at juice bars trying to find their niche. She kept noticing holes in the market as most of the businesses were aimed at the “green and granola” lifestyle, but leaving out a whole group of demographics by doing so. She wanted people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle, but also those who like to have a beer sometimes. She left the security of her job in New York, started looking for investors for her business, and found herself back in Reno. “I was living in Vegas for a while and constantly coming home to Reno. I was seeing a pulse, a contagious energy of entrepreneurship happening.”

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After having many doors being slammed on her idea, she revamped her business plan. Rather than having a traditional business plan for RAWBRY, she created a “business deck” which was an imagery based guide to what her business was going to look and feel like. Instead of “here’s my plan” it became, “here is the packet of this dream”. She presented it to over 100 people with access to capital and ended up teaming up with two separate investors, and found the designer for the old post office in downtown Reno, which was being transformed into the Basement.

Branding and social media:

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What is particularly impressive about her business journey was her ability to create a loyal community around the lifestyle and feel of her business before she even sold one juice. She started by recruiting brand ambassadors who could represent her product and clothing around town. They were people who were not invested in the company and gave their unbiased feedback.  She owes much of her branding success to social media. “Branding is your presence. It put an emphasis on your look, narrative and your personality. You have to have an ethos that is different than the next guy and own it. Own your niche; your product doesn’t have to be something for everyone.”

Values and culture:

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RAWBRY is about having a no fear attitude. Just as a robber would be fearless, focused and live for the thrill and adrenaline, whether that thrill is the weekend or a business venture. Health comes first in their values and making it convenient is important to their success. Want to take the first steps on a journey to a healthier lifestyle? If you want to jump right in, you can choose a 3 or 5-day cleanse. Or you can start with some of their starter juices like “WuTang” that is not as “green” as some of the other juices and has a cushier flavor. “Replace a meal with a juice and experiment with eliminations in your diet. It is not about depriving yourself of anything, but about providing yourself with an abundance of nutrients rather than depleting them.” RAWBRY also has a cleansing coaching option if you need support and information.

Reno Renovation:

Brianna is involved in city planning for Reno and hopes that RAWBRY is a brand that can be identified as a kick-starter for other local businesses. The feel of the business and the space was hard to find in Reno before RAWBRY, and she hopes that it can be an ignitor of Reno becoming a whole new place. Future plans for RAWBRY include expanding locations and representing Reno in a positive light.

Owning a Business:

Entrepreneurship is something many people dream of. After the success of RAWBRY and other ventures, Brianna says, “Don’t be scared. Go in blind…don’t look left or right, and don’t worry about what the next guy is doing. There are going to be naysayers, but just go with your gut!” She also advises not to hold yourself back because you don’t have all of the answers yourself. Look to other people who are experts in the areas that you are not, and partner with people who can fill those gaps. “You have to be able to put up with the bad days. It’s all firefighting; at first you get frustrated at all of the fires, but eventually, you know the fires are going to be there, so don’t let it throw you off. Put them out and carry on.”

“You build up a resilience and train yourself that it is not all a walk in the park, but bad days are a part of growth.”

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RAWBRY has found a way to make getting healthy trendy, fun, and convenient. Their customers are a loyal group who identify with the values and support the culture of the brand that Brianna has created. Head to the Basement to check out RAWBRY and other fun and unique new businesses in town. Their website warns that RAWBRY is an addiction, and their products really do speak for themselves.

See Brianna’s Tedx talk HERE!