Visionary: Drink & Dream Workshops in the Biggest Little City

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Midtown Reno is a continually evolving neighborhood which, guided by many like-minded entrepreneurs, has become a center for one of a kind businesses that have made it a trendy and vibrant part of Reno. At the heart of it all is Junkee Clothing Exchange, a midtown staple that is getting ready to celebrate their 9th anniversary of doing business. I had the opportunity to chat with Jessica Schneider, owner of Junkee, about their new business, Visionary, described as a “drink and dream workshop”, along with the value it provides to Midtown Reno, and the Reno community as a whole.

Visionary is aimed at helping people understand and realize their goals, while giving them a way to hold themselves accountable for them every day. Having a visual aid of what you want your future to consist of can add clarity to your desires, and ensures that your chosen images are firmly lodged in the subconscious. Visionary is one of the few self-improvement businesses in Reno and is the only vision board business in the United States.

visionary 3
Visionary founders, Jessica Shneider and Hillary Schieve Photo Source

What made Jessica want to start this business?

In 2005 Jessica started teaching vision board classes at Nothing To It, a culinary center in Reno. When Junkee opened up, her focus was on Midtown. How could she help clean up the neighborhood that had such a bad reputation?  She was taking over the building where Junkee was located, so she decided to make it a more family friendly area, and an ice cream shop would be the perfect fit.  After pitching the idea to others without gauging interest, she decided to do it herself, and Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches was born. In October 2016, she teamed up with mayor, Hillary Schieve, to create her third business, the Visionary, a place where people could come and design their life goals in a real and tangible way.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is something you create as a visible and consistent reminder of your goals. You can visit their website HERE for more information and for a Q & A on the process. Jessica says, “For me, it really reminds me of what I want most. I put my vision boards right where I can see them every day. And, when I look at it every day, my visions come true. It’s not magic, or religious, it a daily reminder of your dreams.” When you walk into her office at Junkee, the wall across from her desk is a wall-size vision board to serve as a reminder of what she values and wants to accomplish.

“Where energy flows, the mind goes”


What is a class like?

Visionary Reno

All of the tools needed for creating a vision board are provided in a class. Classes usually last around two hours and there is a stocked bar of beer and wine available. Every class also has a speaker. Sometimes it is Jessica or Hillary, and other times they have guest speakers to guide subjects such as recovering from failure, parenting, sexuality, and entrepreneurship. This is an excellent exercise for team building because it allows you to see people beyond their everyday persona, and gives you a glimpse of what their hopes and dreams look like. “People start to share what they have created and then they all start to open up to each other.” The reason why a vision board can work is because the board is a reflection of the thoughts we hold around something we desire to come into fruition in our lives.

Everyone has a goal, many are focused on better relationships, dream vacations and living a healthier lifestyle. Jessica hopes to change Reno one vision board at a time while also encouraging a culture change in businesses. Everyone should make one because it draws you away from negativity and gives you something to strive for every day. She sets an example at her businesses by creating a culture of engagement and friendship.

Visionary 2
Junkee team building trip to Disneyland

Her advice for entrepreneurs: “It is hard work! It is not what you think, it takes 3-5 years to build a business and once you have built it, that doesn’t mean that you are going to make money right away. Every business has a story, and moments where you think, ‘What am I doing?’ You need to be a leader instead of a boss and invest in your people.” Jessica’s vision board describes her taking her whole staff to Disneyland, which she was able to do recently with her team at Junkee.

Curious about Visionary? Grab some ice cream at Simple Ice Cream Sandwiches, get inspired with a great find at Junkee, and sign up for a class at Visionary TODAY!  This could be the push you need to recognize and hold yourself accountable for your own dreams. You might find out that you benefit from it more than you expected to, and you will be supporting local business in our amazing town! Have you taken a class like this before? Share your own experiences in the comments!

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